Release v1.57:

~ There is now a panel below the upgrade table. This will hold future features! Right now it has statistics

Release v1.56:

~ You can now buy multiple of an upgrade! Now you won't get RSI from buying Borg Clickers!

Release v1.46:

~ Added tooltips to the upgrade buttons to display individual Shells Per Second

Release v1.45:

~ Refactor of the game's code so it is more readable. The function for buying buildings is allowed to be more generic now
~ Further tweaks made to cost of upgrades so that each upgrade is more meaningful. This will put more emphasis on clicking in the early game
~ Added sound to the button clicks

Release v1.43:

~ Complete rework and refactor of the flex CSS and HTML. It should look and respond like it should
~ Settings button has been moved and improved...Woo!

Release v1.42:

~ New upgrade added: Pineapple Farms 🍍

Release v1.32:

~ Small update...You can now see how many Shells Per Second (SPS) you're generating!
~ Tweaks made to the Growth Rate of Snail Racers 🐌🐌🐌

Release v1.31:

~ Added some animation goodness when you hover over swanson
~ No longer is there text asking "How many times can you click Swanson?"...the answer is an infinite amount
~ Formatting on the page is more cohesive thanks to flex
~ Nothing to see here...the version number was right the first time around

Release v1.3:

~ Rework and tweak of Cost and SPS (Shells Per Second) calculations to make progression smoother and more meaningful
~ Clicking now has a multiplier attached to it based on amount of buildings owned. See the Statistics in Options for more details to get a look at the math behind it
~ New upgrade added: Snail Racers
~ Short number conversion now goes up to Quadrillion

Release v1.2:

~ Added Reset button (with confirmation so no accidents happen)
~ Sound button in case you don't want to listen to little swanson quack every time you click
~ Significant digits are shortened so that larger numbers are easier to read

Release v1.1:

~ Updated progression of the game so it is more logarithmic

Release v1.0:

~ Swanson Clicker game added with 2 upgrades options:
* Borg Clickers
* Pizza Shop

Release v0.1:

~ It all started with a clickable Swanson...