My name is RockSteady, and this is my homepage.

01. Introduction

TurtleCities as a project is my show of respect and remembrance to old website services of the past, like Geocities, Angelfire, and Expages. These services were the beginning of a wild ride through the World Wide Web for me. Around that time, the web became a colorful and graphically rich place to be.

Sometimes I miss the days when we could load up a web page with just the pertinent content on it, and I hope that this service brings back that era.

If you have a page on this service, do what makes you happy, and impresses your friends. A lot can be done with 1 floppy disk. In the old days, we'd fit entire Linux distributions on a floppy, and for a website, 1.44mb is hardly a confining limit.

One of my early favorites was RedHat Linux.

02. Environment

My favorite operating system is Linux. Currently, I use a mix of Linux distributions, depending on the task.

  • For servers, I prefer Ubuntu LTS or Debian stable. CentOS is great, but sometimes it feels a bit hostile.
  • For small devices, thin clients, and my main text-terminals, Alpine and Void Linux are great. I'm not the biggest fan of grsec, but can be easily swayed by slick package managers and bootup times under 8 seconds.
  • For desktops, laptops, usable personal systems, I prefer Antergos, which is a variant of Arch Linux. Antergos does everything I'd have done anyway with a typical Arch install, and gives me the same "it has everything" feel that OpenSuSe used to give me. I also like OpenSuSe, obviously, and Debian rolling release. Rolling release distros can have their pitfalls, but I find the benefits outweigh the annoyances.

It doesn't take much to keep me happy, visually. Most of my time is spent interacting with text through remote sessions, so if you had to bend my arm I'd say TMUX is my favorite environment. I also like Xmonad and XFCE, and might be one of the few people who learned to live with Unity. Bash always, but I will take ZSH as a backup so long as it's pretty.

CLI has never let me down, so I have accrued quite the toolbox over the years. Some of my favorite terminal tools are somafm-cli to listen to Groove Salad while I work, Newsboat to read the news when I'm not busy, and a host of homemade scripts to do various things, like this handy one I made to install the latest nightly build of TurtleCoin every time I type turtleme. I'd like to automate my entire fresh OS setup some day that walks through everything I typically install like nodejs, various system packages, and all of my dotfiles and keys.

There's something peaceful about DF.

03. Leisure

One of my favorite games is Dwarf Fortress. You learn something new every time you play. I have learned to accept imperfection, and gained the ability to walk in to a situation knowing you'll likely fail but to try anyway and not let your impending doom influence your decisions. It's a quick game I can play in the shower over an SSH session, or pause for long stretches of time between tasks, and it has a rich storyline system that can get interesting. Quake is a classic, my favorite flavor being openarena because it's always there and always works.

I like all types of music, but my real bread and butter is podcasts and audio books. I listen to Software Engineering Daily podcast almost every day, even when I have no clue what's being said. Audiobooks are something I get lost in, in a good way. I prefer to listen to biographies or fiction. Currently I'm working through Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson, again, it's one of my favorites.