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Here's a leightweight TurtleCities website by me, @PeteONealJr, with some quick links to resources that helped me get started on my first day with Turtle Coin. Please check back often for updates.

This page was last updated on: 1 December 2018 @ 8:07pm EST
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The TurtleCoin Discord channel is where you can find out information from people way smarter than I. There's information on everything you could ever hope to know. Head over and join the convo. It's a really good idea to pop into #General and introduce yourself. Oh yeah, make sure to add me as a friend.


You're gonna need a wallet. A wallet in the crypto world is just like the wallet in your pocket (or purse). You stick your coins it in! Just make sure you save your private keys and phrase somewhere safe from prying eyes. Here are your options. No frills here, just a link.
Turtle Wallet can be found at the Official TurtleCoin Github


If you want to buy Turtle in an exchange, you can use Bilaxy. The trading pair is TRTL/BTC. I haven't used it, so I can't give you any tips or suggestions. As with anything that is investment related, never invest more than you can afford to lose. So please don't play with your rent money. I'm providing this link for informational purposes only. 


Contribute to the network by mining TurtleCoin. The official TurtleCoin site has an entire wiki page dedicated to mining, which you can find here: TurtleWiki-Mining.

One thing I COULDN'T find though, was a MacOS based miner. After some digging I found XMR-Stack that was compiled and ready to go. It's hosted by Fabulous Panda.
Here's a direct download link. Please keep in mind that these files are not official TurtleCoin files. I don't think there is any malware in the zip files, but... use at your own risk. ;). I have archived a copy of XMR-Stack, so if the link goes dead, just hit me on Discord @PeteONealJr

There are some other miners on that site too, for mining Bitcoin and other Altcoins using your Mac. I want to say that attempting to mine Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum on a standard mac is literally a terrible idea. I don't think you'd even make a penny, and you'd probably ruin your machine. Don't piss Steve Jobs off, please.

Lastly, here's a link to smcFanControl. You can manually control your fan speed. More air means cooler processor, so you don't fry your machine.

Usually, legal stuff goes down here. Ain't got none. Just use Crypto in as many real world scenarios as possible. Let's promote adoption!